The Afterlife Monthly Zoom Event

The Afterlife

Exploring the Mysteries of Dying, Death, and the Afterlife 

Mary Jane Brigger
Ageless Wisdom Teacher /Psychic Medium/Reiki Master
Annette Bragg
Reiki Master/ Sacred Wisdom Teacher

Within these “The Afterlife” monthly circles, we will explore and learn the many mysteries and beliefs regarding death, dying, and the Afterlife. We will explore and develop a better understanding of the different energies of spirits, death, and dying that have long been distorted by religions, limiting belief systems, and a culture of fear regarding death.

Within our monthly The Afterlife Sacred Wisdom Circles, we will discuss: 

  • The Different Energies Spirits, Ancestors, Loved Ones, Guides, and Star People.
  • The Impact of Grief On Ourselves and Our Loved Ones when they pass over. 
  • Near Death Experiences and What They Can Teach Us About Living and Dying. 
  • Understanding the Energy of a Difficult or Sudden Death and the Healing It Can Bring…To You and Your Passed Over Loved One
  • How Reincarnation and Past Life Can Have an Impact On This Life
  • How We Can Prepare for a Peaceful Transition To the Afterlife Within the Daily Living of This Life. 

It is with this understanding of the Afterlife we can transform this Life to one of Love, Forgiveness, Communication, and Joy that can bring peace to our lives Now and when it’s time for our own crossing over. 


December 17, 2020

The December Afterlife Monthly Zoom Circle

“Carry Me Home”

Who Are Our Heavenly Escorts Back To Spirit?

Exploring the Angels of Death: Their Presence and Purpose Within the  Dying Process

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm


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**Please note: if you are looking to receive messages or readings from Mary Jane, this event is not for you! Please join Mary Jane at her Mediumship  Gallery reading events or book a one-on-one reading instead by clicking on this link Messages From the Afterlife

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Mary Jane Brigger

Mary Jane Brigger is a psychic medium who is committed to bringing peace and healing to people in this life and the afterlife. As a former Reiki Hospice energy worker, practicing Death Midwife and Reiki Master, Mary Jane has assisted through her mediumship and Reiki to bring closure and healing to fractured relationships left unresolved upon a Loved One’s Death and Passing.  After Mary Jane experienced deep healing working with mediums to bring peace, closure, and forgiveness to her resolving her grief and turmoil with Passed Over Loved Ones, she has since dedicated herself to bringing this inner healing, forgiveness, and closure to those suffering from the loss and grief of Loved Ones in Spirit. Mary Jane also provides private and group women spiritual empowerment retreats and circles at The Healing Cottage in West Salem, Ohio during the seasons of Spring, Summer, and Fall.

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Annette Bragg
Annette Bragg is the co-founder of the White Barn Healing Arts Center in Ravenna, Ohio creating the non-profit organization with a vision to teach alternative, natural and holistic methods, and cross-cultural healing practices to help individuals experiencing life’s challenges, difficulties, and trauma.  Annette, a Reiki Master/Teacher, creates Energy Health and Healing Sessions which are a dynamic healing experience designed to provide deep relaxation, stress-relief, and harmonize the overall balance, health, and wellness of body, mind, and spirit. She is an energy worker who weaves together a beautifully peaceful experience that blends Reiki, Earth and Native-based energy, Guided Imagery, Cranial Sacral, Acupressure, aromatherapy, and other energy healing practices. 
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