Inner Healing Private Support Phone Sessions

The Way of the Ageless Wise Woman recognizes that in order to create personal change and transformation, we must first address our own personal wounds which are the result of past and current life crises and trauma. These life crises are experiences, no matter how big or small,  that over the years have left one with unresolved grief, anger, fear, shame or guilt. These deep-rooted emotions can leave one with low self-confidence and esteem, self doubt, loss of personal identity with the inability to move forward or successfully deal with one’s current life. 

Spiritual Distress and Disempowerment

Unresolved life crises can also lead to spiritual distress and turmoil as old programming from past religious beliefs collide with a changing belief system that many women are experiencing today. As women enter or prepare to enter their wisdom years, many find they are held back from limited belief systems that disempower them as women. 

Changing Life Roles

The Way of the Ageless Wise Woman recognizes that women often require support, understanding and deep inner healing as they enter their wisdom years. These are often years of great transition as roles may change due to relationships, careers, child rearing and more,

 A greater need can arise for personal self-identity and purpose as we change from What I  Did In Life to Who Am I Now? 

Creating a Transformational Mindshift

Change and inner healing cannot occur unless we are able to release the old programming of disempowering thoughts, ideas and emotions. In order for transformation to occur, we must learn to change that old program of disempowerment to a transformation mindshift. This is where we teach the brain to think differently from old patterns of limited beliefs about ourselves to new patterns of life transforming thinking called mind shifting. Within our inner healing sessions, I will teach you mindshift methods, backed by scientific research that can be practiced easily every day within your everyday life. 

The 3 Keys To Sacred Empowerment For Inner Healing

We also help you in your transformational mind shift with our  Way of the Wise Woman  3 Keys To Sacred Empowerment which is the core of all our transformative services. These 3 Core Sacred Empowerment Keys are:

  1. Attune – Discovering, Recognizing and Attuning to your Highest Power, which we call your Inner Wise Woman. 
  2. Awaken – As you align with your Inner Wise Woman, you develop a deeper awareness of Who Am I, the wise Inner Knowing which is the powerhouse within you that drives increased self-confidence, clear decision making, and trusted personal guidance.
  3. BEAs you merge with your Inner Wise Woman, you begin to Know and recognize the power of yourself which leads to BEcoming an empowered Ageless Wise Woman. 

Inner Healing Private Support Phone In Sessions

Inner Healing Private Support Phone In Sessions are confidentially provided as follows: 

  1. Three (1) hour weekly phone sessions from the convenience and privacy of your own home or personal space. 
  2. Each Inner Healing Phone Session is recorded for your own personal convenience to listen to anytime as further support during your inner healing sessions. 
  3. Weekly email support for two weeks after the first Inner Healing Phone In Session for clarity or additional help as we move through the series of three call in Inner Healing Sessions. 


3 Inner Healing One Hour Phone In Sessions

With Weekly Session Recordings and Email Support


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