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The Way of the Ageless Wise Woman

The Voices of the Sacred Sisterhood 

Private  Channeled Messages for Personal Guidance 

The Voices of the Sacred Sisterhood is a collective voice of 44 Archangels of  the Sacred Feminine here to assist women in attuning, activating and BEcoming the Ageless Wise Woman of her intuitive wisdom.

From this collective energy of the Archangel Sacred Feminine Energy many Voices come forth to teach and guide us on feeling safe and powerful within our own personal Sacred Feminine Energy and sacred empowerment.

 Guided Messages For Life Challenges and Resolution

The Voice of the Sacred Sisterhood is well aware of women struggling to find guidance,direction, confidence and safety with their current life and spiritual conflicts. The Voices of the Sacred Sisterhood relay guided messages from the archangel  realms to provide women with a blueprint or roadmap to resolving or understanding a disempowering challenge in their lives. 

Included in your channeled messages from the Voices of the Sacred Sisterhood, is ageless wisdom to counsel you with tips and guidance to gently mind shift you to attuning to the personal power of your Inner Wise Woman and rising to your highest potential. 

What Is A Channeled Message?

Channeling, or trance mediumship, are voices of higher communication from the Archangel Realms of Light that include Creator, Angels, Ascended Masters and The Elders. They are a collective voice of higher vibrational frequencies of loving energic wisdom and guidance that is beyond traditional psychic mediumship and does not include contacting Passed Over Loved Ones.

Channeled information and communication goes to the core of one’s distress by providing spiritual philosophical insights, guidance and understanding of life’s challenges in order to rise to your Highest Potential as The Powerful Wise Woman You Were Born to BE. 

The  Voices of the Sacred Sisterhood  Private  Channeled Messages  

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Mary Jane Brigger


The Sacred Sisterhood Voices is channeled by Mary Jane Brigger, who is a an Ageless Wise Woman, Mystic Woman Channeler and Reiki Master/Teacher. Mary Jane has been an a trance medium/Channeler for over 12 years after being attuned as a Reiki Master in San Francisco, CA at the Mystery School of the Missing Thread. 

She began channeling The  Voice dof the Sacred Sisterhood  over five years ago after receiving a Sacred Feminine Energy anointing during her shamanic core training retreat.

The Voices of the Sacred Sisterhood  continues to privately guide and communicate with Mary Jane daily while also providing these Higher Realm channeled wisdom for private clients, groups and The Sophia Mystic Woman Channeling Circles held at The Healing Cottage in the rural countryside of West Salem located outside Wooster, Akron and Cleveland,Ohio 

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