Sophia Wisdom Sacred Intuition Development Circles

Sophia Wisdom Sacred Intuition Development Circles

BEcoming the Sacred Intuition of the Inner Wise Woman

Sophia is the goddess of wisdom, which is ageless and why we have named the sacred intuition wisdom development circles in her honor.  These Sacred Intuitive Wisdom Development Circles are based on a state of a woman BEcoming the wisdom and power of the Woman She Was Born To BE. Within the Sophia Wisdom Circles, you will meet the powerhouse of your Sacred Feminine Energy, the Inner Wise Woman. 

Empowering Our Feminine Wisdom Through Psychic and Trance Mediumship

Intuition is the wisdom that flows from the Divine, through the power of our Inner Wise Woman, which can present itself as psychic and trance mediumship. The Way of the Ageless Wise Woman believes it is time for us to once again BEcome the Wise Woman who was once the healer and seer, or mediums, of their communities. Through attuning to the Inner Wise Woman within us, we align with the sacred wisdom of these early Wise Women who often are our grandmothers and angelic beings. 

When we attune and align with our Inner Wise Woman, the Sophia sacred wisdom within us, we BEcome the ageless intuitive wisdom that comes directly from the Divine. 

Why The Sophia Wisdom Circles Empower Women Through Sacred Intuition

The Sophia Wisdom Circles stand out from other intuition development circles with our focus based on building self confidence and esteem through empowering women by identifying and attuning to their sacred feminine power source, the Inner Wise Woman

We achieve this through our 3 Wisdom Keys To Sacred Feminine Empowerment which increases our ease to receive sacred messages with greater clarity and intuitive wisdom.

The 3 Wisdom Keys To Sacred Feminine Empowerment

Attune   Know BEcome

  1. Attune – Discovering attuning and aligning to the Divine energy of the Inner Wise Woman. 
  2. Know – the Divine Energy of the Inner Wise Woman, which holds the ageless wisdom of intuition, that inner knowing of divine guidance and direction that drives increased self-confidence, clear decision making, and trusted personal guidance.
  3. BEcome – is when you BEcome the Divine Power of the  Inner Wise Woman, attuned to the ageless wisdom of sacred intuition as the  Ageless Wise Woman on the pathway of the mystic. 

The Way of the Ageless Wise Woman knows that the stronger our relationship to our Inner Wise Woman, and the Divine, the more empowered we become in personal self esteem and confidence. As we BEcome our intuitive sacred wisdom, the Ageless Wise Woman, we are able to make better decisions, receive clearer guidance and manifest our greatest desires. 

The Sophia Wisdom Circles are more than developing mediumship and trance skills, it’s about building greater self esteem and confidence in yourself through your ageless intuitive sacred wisdom. 

Two Sophia Wisdom Circles Offered Monthly

The Way of the Ageless Wise Woman recognizes that many women are already skilled or, just opening up to their intuition or psychic mediumship. While others may be seeking to develop their intuition on more mystic, spiritual levels of trance mediumship. 

The Sophia Wisdom Circles are for personal intuitive sacred guidance as well for those already skilled in mediumship or just beginning to open to their psychic gifts.

Sophia Wisdom Sacred Intuition Development Circle 

( Held Monthly)

The Sophia Sacred Intuitive Development  Circle is for those who are experiencing psychic mediumship either in advanced or beginning levels. Each Circle will have a teaching session about psychic mediumship and how to empower their Inner Wise Woman for personal guidance and self confidence. 

Sacred meditation methods will be taught and practiced to attune to the Divine of the Inner Wise Woman and to open up to our sacred intuition. Each Circle will also offer mediumship practice sessions to enhance intuitive wisdom development. 

The Sophia Wisdom Mystic Trance Mediumship Circle

( Held Monthly)

The Sophia Wisdom Trance Mediumship Circle is for women who are seeking to communicate with Higher Beings of Light that includes a deeper, more mystical relationship with the Divine. These circles will delve deeply into the teaching of the sacred mysteries of spirituality that include the steps to trance mediumship, or channeling higher deities.

 Channeling, or trance mediumship is a higher vibrating, sacred frequency that communicates with the higher deities of Archangels, Ascended Masters and Council of Elders and the Divine. When in trance, or channeling sacred information, the Higher Beings of Light step inside your body and voice to convey higher philosophical sacred guidance and direction. 

Because of the intensity of channeling, and profound spiritual attunement to the Divine One it requires, this mediumship is often the path of the mystic. Within trance mediumship, especially for personal use, you will experience greater personal spiritual growth and empowerment. 
Each Mystic Sacred Circle will also offer trance mediumship practice sessions to enhance sacred intuitive wisdom development. 

You can be both a trance medium and psychic medium 

Plan to attend both monthly Sophia Wisdom Sacred Intuition Development Circles for greater awareness and development of your sacred intuitive skills

The Way of the Ageless Wise Woman provides a safe and confidential environment with sacred feminine intuitive development empowerment circles to tap into and develop the wisdom of our intuition or psychic mediumship for personal and professional use.


The Healing Cottage

11994 Franchester Rd

West Salem, Ohio

60 minutes from Cleveland    20 minutes Medina/Wadsworth 

 45 Minutes Akron     20 minutes Wooster

Our Sophia Wisdom Circles are held at The Healing Cottage on wooded property located on rural land in West Salem, Ohio. This land is abundant in fairy and elemental energy, Native American Spirits and more as they respond to the healing energy of the cottage and its events. 

Click on this link to know more about The Healing Cottage and where we are located.  

Dates 2020

Winter Dates Are Scheduled Below

Second and Fourth Sunday for January, February, March 2020

Sophia Mystic Trance Mediumship Wisdom Circle

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sunday, March 8, 2020

12:00 -3:00pm

Please Note!
Sophia Mystic Wisdom Circles Starts on time promptly at 12:00 pm

Sophia Wisdom Sacred Intuition Development Circles

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Sunday, March 22, 2020

12:00pm -3:00pm

Please Note!
Starts on time promptly and on time  at 12:00 pm

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