Channelings from The Sacred Sisterhood

A channeled message from the Voice of the Sacred Sisterhood who speaks to us today through the Ascended Master, Hismarian

I Am Hismarian a Voice amongst the collective angelic feminine energies we call the Sacred Sisterhood. I come to you as one of many who speak one Voice of the Divine Love for you. Within my many incarnations, I was Mary, Mother of Jesus.  However, I speak to you today as Hismarian, the ascended Light Being of the Essenes attuned to the Seraphim Realm of Archangels. 

Remembering Our Inner Wise Woman

Energy continues to grow and expand as women reach higher levels of awareness as their sacred feminine energy rises. Each woman is individual and unique as she experiences this deep stirring of remembering the power of her I Am, what we call the Inner Wise Woman who is One with the Divine. For centuries the Inner Wise Woman has been shut down, humiliated and shamed into being less than who she is. 

Woman Was Separated From Her Divine Spirit

This occurred due to the control of the patriarchal energy which recognized the full power of the Wise Woman’s intuition and feminine energy which they knew was because of her Oneness with her Spirit. By separating the feminine from her Spirit, the patriarchy disempowered the woman and gained control over her which still carries over into today. 

The Sacred Feminine Is Rising

However, that is changing and changing rapidly. Your world can no longer continue in the imbalance of the energies as is occurring now. Both male and female cannot continue to live within this imbalance. The Sacred Feminine has risen to take her rightful place to bring balance back to the world through harmony with the Divine Masculine through All Is One.

Each person today, male and female, has a role and purpose in this world. It is your responsibility to follow it, live it, BE it, no matter what it may be, great or small. All is divine and pertinent to the whole.  

You Are Dimensional BEings

You are entering and BEcoming 5th dimensional beings. Each will experience this differently according to your Life Contract made before you were born. Some of you have already entered the 5th dimensional energetic high vibration as BEcoming One with Self in order to serve others. Your Light is bright as your body attunes to BEcoming a Light BEing. 

Some of you still struggle within the 4th dimension of Ego, which is where we experience separation from Spirit as a choice. Do I choose to serve the lower vibrations of fear which separates me from my Divine Self, or do I choose to rise in Divine Love for myself and others? 

Slips and Falls Into Lower Dimensions

So often one slips and straddles the dimensions of the 5th and 4th, often slipping into 4th and even 3rd when you allow fear, desperation, and hopelessness to overwhelm you. 

Many know and are so familiar with the higher realms of energy within the 5th dimension, yet will still allow yourself to fall back into the lower dimensions of our ascension, afraid and reluctant to let go of the suffering energy it brings, allowing its stranglehold on you like a hangman’s noose around your neck. 

We try to hold you in the Light, to pull you back, but your free will chooses to fall to the lower vibrations of fear. We become so confused as to your choice to put all your energy into fearful low vibrations when you have already experienced the Higher Vibrations of Love. 

Empowering Mantras

When you begin to fall and readily allow the low vibration of fear to overcome you, immediately put your focus on the powerful words:

I Am Safe! 

I Am Strong!

All Is Well and Right In My World! 

 The Sacred Sisterhood is bringing women together to believe in their power again! This why you came, to BE the force of transformation and change in the raising of consciousness of the world family.

A Choice

However, it is your choice to receive it willingly!  Those who cling to the lower energy of what no longer serves them will experience the separation from the Divine as profound self dissatisfaction, anxiety, panic, increasing physical pain and illness with the aging process accelerated. It may manifest as hopelessness, no desire to live, always stuck in the repetitive telling of a wounded past which no longer exists. Healing cannot happen here. 

The Mark of the Victim

For those who cling to the low energy of fear,  The Mark of the Victim blazes like a neon bullseye on a target, drawing the arrow of low fearful energy to hit its mark. We, the BEings of Light,  who present ourselves to you today as the Voice of the Sacred Sisterhood, are here always waiting to help you, waiting to be invited back in to re-establish our profound and higher vibrating connection to you. For as you allow us to raise you up once again, we show you how to touch the face of  Divine Love and BEcome One with it.

Focus On Love! 

Just ask and believe in this Higher Intensity of Love! Transfer your focus away from what we call “ The Woe Is Me” fear to that of the Higher Frequencies of Love! All will shift to your Highest Good when you focus on the Divine Energy of Transformation. 

Join us now, The Voice of the Sacred Sisterhood, as we raise our Voices together to proclaim and claim: 

I Am the Divine Power of Who I Am! 

My Time Has Come To BEcome Woman I Was Born To BE! 

We Are Forever In Love With You!! 


A Voice of the Sacred Sisterhood

Mary Jane Brigger

The Sacred Sisterhood Voices is channeled by Mary Jane Brigger, who is an Ageless Wise Woman, psychic and trance medium. Mary Jane has been a psychic medium for over 12 years after being attuned as a Reiki Master. Within her Reiki practice, Mary Jane became attuned to the Angelic Realms and Ascended Masters which enabled her to provide clients with guided messages from the Higher Realms of Light.

The Voice of the Sacred Sisterhood continues to privately guide and communicate with her daily while also providing these Higher Realm channels for private clients, groups and The Sophia Sacred Wisdom Intuitive Development Circles held at The Healing Cottage in West Salem, Ohio

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