The Way of the Ageless Wise Woman

 Attuning, Activating and BEcoming

The Sacred Feminine Power of Ourselves


Ageless Intuitive Wisdom

The Way of the Ageless Wise Woman marks the passage of time that awakens the Ageless Wisdom within a woman’s soul as she seeks a deeper Truth within her, the awakening and activation of her intuitive wisdom through empowering her Sacred Feminine Energy.

These are the years of The Ageless Wise Woman, as the passage of time increases a woman’s sacred intuitive wisdom, which is ageless and eternal, with a deeper awareness and personal truth regarding the power of her relevancy, presence, visibility, wisdom, spirituality, intuition, voice and beauty. 

The Ageless Wise Woman intuitively knows that it is not the physical aging process that defines her, but the ageless degrees of wisdom learned, earned, remembered, and accrued through many life experiences of joy and sorrow. 

Intuitive Wisdom Is Ageless

We use the word Ageless because this is not about the anti-aging propaganda used against women to demoralize and devalue their physical years, but about the eternal intuitive wisdom of their sacred feminine energy, which all women carry within them. 

“Intuition is the wisdom of our inner knowing, which is ageless and increases through our past and current lives”

The Ageless Wise Woman Of The Past 

A Woman Scorned and Persecuted For Her Intuitive Sacred Wisdom

For centuries, the Wise Woman was often the healer, spiritual guide, and oracle of their communities and villages, who tapped into her ancient ageless wisdom through their deep attunement and alignment to her personal Spirit and Mother Earth. Most paid a high price for being the Wise Women within their communities as scornful cries of witch and heretic from fanatical religious leaders led to persecutions of horrific torture and death.

Imprinted Memories of Fear and Persecution

Sacred Feminine Empowerment Is Now the New Feminism

This persecution for heresy became an imprinted memory of fear within the legacy of women even up to our current times which resulted in continued discrimination and violence towards women over the centuries. However, that fear is now shifting to feminism that is more than about equal pay and civil rights, but also about a woman BEcoming more attuned to the sacred feminine energy of her True Self, the Inner Wise Woman.

A woman who walks in the power of her True Self is a woman we’ve all been waiting for, Ourselves”

BEcoming The  Ageless Wise Woman of Today

Now and today we are becoming the Ageless Wise Women of our communities as healers, spiritual guides, seers, and changemakers on more global scales than our Grandmothers and ancestors did. Today, the Ageless Wise Women are physicians, peacemakers, spiritual guides, healing energy workers, counselors, seers, and more who bring their sacred intuitive wisdom to serve others without the fear of torture or death. We are now discovering the power of our Inner Wise Woman, the essence of our Sacred Feminine Energy.

The Inner Wise Woman

The Inner Wise Woman is the power of our sacred feminine energy which is attuned and aligned to the Divine, or the God energy.  As we discover the loving power of our womanhood, our sacred energy, our intuitive wisdom awakens us to experience our Highest Personal Truth as One with the Divine. As we embrace our Inner Wise Woman, a personal resurrection begins as we transcend the limiting beliefs about ourselves and transform into our own personal and unique Ageless Wise Woman.

The Way of the Ageless Wise Woman is the journey to awakening to the power of your sacred intuitive wisdom through BEcoming One with the Divine and Your Inner Wise Woman

How Do We Achieve This Attuning To the Power of Our Inner Wise Woman? 

We help you achieve this through awakening and embracing your intuitive wisdom through our 3 Wisdom Keys To Sacred Feminine Empowerment

The 3 Wisdom Keys To Sacred Feminine Empowerment

The Way of the Ageless Wise Woman recognizes that in order to create personal change, transformation, and transcendence, to BEcome the Ageless Wise Woman, we must first address Who Am I on deeper levels of self and spirituality with greater awareness and use of our ageless sacred wisdom of intuition.

We achieve this through The Way of the Ageless Wise Woman  3 Wisdom Keys To Sacred Feminine Empowerment which is the core of all our personal transformation and intuitive wisdom development services. 

These 3 Sacred Wisdom Keys are:

  • Attune Discovering, attuning, and aligning to the Divine energy of the Inner Wise Woman and the Divine.
  • Activatethe Divine Energy of the Inner Wise Woman, which holds the ageless wisdom of intuition, that inner knowing of divine guidance, intelligence, and direction that drives increased self-confidence, clear decision making, and trusted personal guidance.
  • BEcomeis when you BEcome the Divine Power of the  Inner Wise Woman, attuned to the ageless wisdom of sacred intuition which elevates the Ageless Wise Woman within her to the Power of her Personal, Sacred Purpose! 

Sacred Feminine Empowerment Services

I am Mary Jane Brigger, Ageless Wise Woman, mystic, psychic and trance medium, Spiritual Teacher, and Owner of  The Way of the Ageless Wise Woman at The Healing Cottage.  I have over 35 years of corporate, small business, career building, education, spiritual guidance, intuition development, and mysticism that includes personal transformational experiences to address women’s specific mind, body, and spiritual needs as they enter their wisdom years and open to the power of their sacred feminine energy and intuition. 

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