The Sisterhood Private Channeled Messages

The Way of the Ageless Wise Woman

The Sisterhood Channels 

Private  Spiritual Channelings for Personal Guidance and Direction

The Sisterhood is a collective of angelic beings who are here to assist women as they enter the sacred power of their wisdom years. This is a time of great awakening for women which is ushering in the rise of the sacred feminine energy, or what I call the Inner Wise Woman within all of us. Within this rise of our Sacred Feminine energy, is a greater awareness of our intuition, which is that inner knowing which becomes more apparent as we enter our later years, or what I call the Wisdom Years. 

However, The Sisterhood is well aware of the many women struggling to find guidance and direction with current life and spiritual issues. The Sisterhood relays guided messages from the angelic realm to provide women with a blueprint or roadmap to resolving or understanding a current challenge in their lives. 

The Sisterhood Private Spiritual Channelings  

  • By phone in the convenience of your own personal space.
  • Are 45 minutes in length for the full channeled message. 
  • A recording of The Sisterhood message is provided and emailed within 24 hours of your guided spiritual message. 



Prepaid with Scheduled Appointment Only

 To Schedule Your Sisterhood Private Spiritual Channeling Session


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