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Messages From The Afterlife 


Empowering Messages From Spirit


Guidance and direction often require going deeper within ourselves and Spirit. Messages From the Afterlife is a journey together in  Spirit to bring inner healing, personal empowerment, and clarity to your life. 


 Fractured Relationships and Unresolved Issues With Passed Over Loved Ones

So often our Loved Ones Pass Over before we can resolve issues associated with anger and emotional hurt. To help bring resolution to these often intense feelings of anger and hurt, we can seek the guidance of your Loved One to bring healing peace to both you and your Loved One in Spirit. 

Ideal for Psychic/Mediums With Energetic Blocks

 Messages from the Afterlife are ideal for those who are practicing or personal psychic mediums who are experiencing energetic blocks to their psychic gifts. Allow Spirit to loving guide you identifying your energetic block to Attune you back to your Spirit and reactive your psychic gifts with increased spiritual vibrations and clarity.


 Messages from the Afterlife are provided by your choice of:

  • Phone ( No Recording) 
  • Zoom Video With Recording

Please note, a recording of your Private Spiritual Empowerment  Message is only offered on Zoom Video and Audio. 


+$3.00 Processing Fee

1 Hour Reading

Pre-Payment is required before scheduling a  Reading from The Afterlife.
Once payment is received, you will be contacted to schedule your reading.

To Schedule Your Messages From the Afterlife Reading


Messages From The Afterlife is located in the USA and On Eastern Standard Time. 


Mary Jane Brigger


Mary Jane Brigger

Mary Jane awakened to her spiritual gifts and psychic mediumship after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over 10 years ago. She was forced to quit her 25 year career within clinical and administrative dentistry which led her on a journey of self and alternative healing.  

Mary Jane was trained by mystics and shamans in San Francisco as a Reiki Master with a focus on Body Story work. Within her training, Mary Jane’s intuitive gifts were awakened that evolved to channeling Spirit with Reiki energy for inner healing, spiritual connection, and intuitive wisdom. 

Mary Jane is a trained Death Midwife and former Hospice Reiki Volunteer guiding patients to peaceful transitions. 

Mary Jane’s spiritual practice focuses on Feminine Sacred Empowerment to awaken the power of the Inner Wise Woman through ageless intuitive wisdom. Besides her channeling of Spirit and the Sisterhood, Mary Jane has provided Sophia Sacred Wisdom Circles, Channeling and Mediumship Development Circles, and Mystic Reiki at The Healing Cottage in West Salem, Ohio. 

Mary Jane now provides these services online through Zoom Video Calling and at her Youtube Channel. 

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