Mystic Reiki Experience

Mystic Reiki  Experience is provided within The Healing Cottage which is surrounded by floor to ceiling wooded views of Mother Nature. A sacred space is created especially for you to provide a peaceful and spiritual ambiance that encourages the release of tension which calmly promotes  inner healing through balancing of the mind, body, and soul.

Mystic Reiki Experience

With Personal Channeled Spirit Messages

Promotes Deeper Spiritual Union and Alignment for Inner Healing, Increased Intuition, and Full Body Relaxation

Mystic Reiki Experience is a soul awakening experience of peaceful inner healing which promotes a deeper, more profound union with your Spirit. It is within this mystical union that our intuition begins activated to bring greater clarity to one’s life.

As the soul awakens within your Mystic Reiki Experience, the body relaxes into deeper states of peace while calming the constant chatter of the mind. As the body relaxes, physical and emotional pain decreases as the Reiki energy releases tight energy centers and promotes the peaceful flow of life energy to balance and harmonize the mind, body, and soul. 

This can be an intense and mystical experience as the body releases stress with the peaceful harmonic balancing of mind, body, and soul.

Full body energy alignment of mind and spirit with chakra /aura field grounding, balancing and clearing.

  • Each Mystic Reiki Experience begins with a calming meditation to quiet the mind and bring relaxation to the body. 
  • Brings deep relaxation down to the cellular level to promote peace and balance to the mind, body, and soul.  
  • Relaxation brings balance, peace, and harmony to reduce stress and promote wellbeing in mind, body, and soul.
  • Intuitively targeting and releasing blocked energy centers within the body that may be causing pain and illness. 
  • It provides a mystical path to opening up and strengthing your intuition.  
  • Promotes a mystical, more profound connection to one’s Spirit for personal guidance and awakening.
  • Essential oils and crystals to anoint and raise the energetic vibration for increased soul awakening, relaxation, and spiritual connection.
  • Anchors the Energy of Love within the body to promote inner healing, compassion, forgiveness, clarity, grace, intuition and a Loving Presence.

Personal Spirit messages included channeled by The Voice of the Sacred Sisterhood.

Promotes Spiritual Awakening and Intuition

Ideal Stress Release and Relief To Promote Overall Well Being

90 Minutes


Three Sacred Empowering Mystic Reiki Experiences


Ideal For Those Experiencing a Life Challenge That Includes:

  • Chronic Illness and Disease
  • Grief Due Passing of Loved Ones, Job/Career Loss, Relationships
  • Trauma Due to Any Type of Abuse, Bullying or Life Event
  • Low Self Esteem and Lack of Personal Identity and/or Purpose
  • Seeking To Release Limiting Beliefs That Prevents a Deeper Union With Your Spirit. 

Each Session is 90 Minutes in Length With Highly Recommended 3 Weekly Appointments Scheduled

Please Note, Due to weekend demands, there is an additional charge of $25.00 for Saturday Only Appointments for both single session Mystic Reiki and Three Mystic Reiki Experiences

No Sunday Appointments 

Full payment is required within 24 hours at the time you schedule your Mystic Reiki Experience to reserve and confirm your appointment.

Payment Processing is through safe and secure PayPal.

To Schedule Your Mystic Reiki Experience, Contact: 

Mary Jane Brigger 

Reiki Master/Ageless Wise Woman/ Mystic/ Energy Intuitive



We Offer Free Scheduled 20 Minute Phone Chats To Help You Decide Which Mystic Reiki Experience Is Best For You

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